No, seriously.

I’d never considered myself much of a blogger. Like entirely too many things in my life, blogging is something only a few short years ago I would have considered “not for me”. I would stubbornly cling to what I considered to be the norm. My little comfort zone. Seldom to try new things, new experiences. I once showed up to a Sushi train with a box of KFC, and proceeded to eat it there rather than even taste what those in my company were eating. I think I’d heard someone say once that Sushi was raw fish, and that was enough to turn me off it. I think that perfectly encapsulates my mind set at the time. I would dismiss it without even trying it.

At a certain point, probably about a year and a half ago, I decided I didn’t like that guy. I didn’t like me. What have you actually got to lose by trying something? By opening yourself up to new possibilities? It sounds cliche and contrite, but it’s actually true.

I met someone once that always encouraged me out of my shell. Encouraged me to actually live. 

So I married her.

Turns out Sushi is actually amazing.

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